Esthetic Guide
     The Esthetic Guide quantifies Translucency and Value; while Color (Hue and Chroma) can be referenced using Vita or any commercial shade guide.  Translucency, Value, and then Color can describe any part of a tooth or any characterization. 
    The elements are assigned independently using the VET diagram format.  In 3 Easy Steps the reference tabs are assigned to the different parts of the tooth.  Assigning one level to the Over-all tooth is the easiest.  The tabs can also be assigned to Areas, Layers, or Formations in teeth.  The level of detail depends on the demands of the individual case.  Even basic use of the system produces dramatic improvement over any previous method.  For the first time dentists can prescribe a glassy looking A3 and reference where and how translucent it needs to be.
     Any distribution of gingival tint, dentin, or enamel, any pattern or level of translucency, value, and color can be quickly referenced to fit each individual patient.  Just like a color system, three independant basic colors (elements) can be combined to produce thousands of results.
The Vita build-up is now used for a starting or reference point.  Levels and patterns provided by the VET system tell the ceramist how to modify the generic build-up to easily produce what the dentist observed in each individual patient.                    


Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
VET Diagran Format